3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Podcasting Theme

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There are thousands of WordPress themes available. However, you can only pick one to represent your podcast. Trying to choose the perfect theme for your show’s website can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, there are ways to streamline the process. By considering both the practical and aesthetic aspects of a theme, it’s possible to find the ideal design for your podcasting site.

We already reviewed the best podcast WordPress themes available in a separate article, and here we’ll dive into tips you should look for when choosing a specific theme.

In this article, we’ll cover why it’s so important to use the right theme for your podcast website. Then we’ll discuss three tips to help you find the best match. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Theme for Your Podcast Website

A website’s design can send a powerful message. Most people only need a single second to decide how they feel about online aesthetics. With such limited time, choosing an appealing theme is crucial to keeping people on your site.

Additionally, a fitting theme can be a powerful marketing tool. Choosing one that fits the tone of your podcast can wordlessly communicate its contents to visitors. As such, you might want to think of your design as a visual preview of your podcast.

Newcomers will get an idea of the content you produce, and current fans are likely to appreciate your professional attention to detail. Regardless of your audience, establishing your podcast brand with a fitting theme choice is a smart way to grow your loyal listeners.

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Podcasting Theme

There are a lot of theme options out there to choose from. Below are three tips to help you find a design that’s right for your show.

1. Investigate Customization Options

Out-of-the-box themes can be useful if you’re a new WordPress user with little experience. Nevertheless, these pre-made styles aren’t your only option. It’s also important to make sure that your theme offers plenty of customization features.

Not only will tailoring a theme make it more versatile, but it can also give your site a unique feel. You probably won’t be the only person using a certain theme. Therefore, personalizing it can help your site stand out and reinforce your brand identity.

A great podcasting theme should always have support for different audio player locations, styles, and advanced controls around the audio player. It’s the core of your podcast website, in many cases, so make sure to only pick a theme that does that well.

For an example of a distinctive and fitting design, consider the podcasting website for This American Life:

The homepage for the "This American Life" podcast.

The page has a mature, understated design, which helps to emphasize the journalistic focus of the show. Additionally, the simple layout enables the stories themselves to take center stage. We recommend choosing a theme that will help you easily achieve a similarly cohesive brand identity.

Personalization options can also be helpful in practical ways. For example, you may find that a flexible design is perfect for seamlessly adding useful WordPress plugins.

You might want to make a list of things you’d like to customize before starting your theme search. If you’re unsure what to include, consider starting with an adjustable color scheme, since a site’s colors are often prominent.

2. Check for Plugin Compatibility

Many developers design their plugins with compatibility in mind. Nevertheless, there are occasional hiccups when two programs don’t work well together. This may limit your site’s usability or aesthetic appeal.

Even the best design won’t be useful if the site can’t operate properly. As such, you may also want to ensure that essential plugins are compatible with your theme. These can include crucial site elements such as security tools and plugins for podcasting functionality.

Alternatively, you could opt for themes developed with podcasts in mind, such as our own Gumbo theme:

The demo page for the "Gumbo" theme,.

This is a theme built specifically for podcasting, offering maximum audio functionality. It also offers layouts that are more conducive to marketing your show, and is compatible with popular podcasting plugins such as Seriously Simple Podcasting. Choosing a dedicated podcast theme like this may simplify your search process.

3. Consider the Design’s Shelf Life

Trendy designs have their advantages. They can make your show seem more current or give it a fashionable air. However, a timeless aesthetic can reduce the need for constant rebranding.

A more general look may help you accommodate any new niches that you cover on your show. Additionally, choosing a theme that isn’t connected to a moment in time can help viewers hone in on the content of your podcast.

In addition to the theme’s aesthetic shelf life, you may also want to consider the technical side. We suggest looking for themes that have been recently updated, such as the official Twenty Twenty-One theme:

The theme page for Twenty Twenty-One, with the update information on the right highlighted.

Recent updates are critical. They demonstrate that developers consistently monitor the software for issues such as security and usability. Also, a frequent update schedule means that the theme should remain more stable over time.

If you’re not quite sure what a long-lasting design looks like, try analyzing the websites of some of the most successful podcasts. Examine what they do well and where they could improve. This can help you make a decision that relies on industry leaders as well as your own tastes.


Choosing a theme for your podcast can seem like a daunting task. An overabundance of options can be paralyzing. Fortunately, you can feel confident in your decision by analyzing each option’s aesthetic and practical capabilities.

In this article, we covered three tips to help you find the perfect podcasting theme:

  1. Consider the design’s capacity for customization.
  2. Check to see if your must-have plugins will be compatible.
  3. Think about the theme’s potential for longevity.

Once you’ve chosen a theme that will help your content shine, consider a few ways to make the most of it by upgrading your podcasting website. Also, if you need a place to begin your search, you can check out our collection of WordPress podcast themes!

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