What is WordPress and what is a "Theme"?

WordPress is one of the leading website CMS platforms online. It runs on more than 28% of the entire world wide web!  Luckily, WordPress.org is open-source and free, so you can use it without any further requirements. If you're just getting started and want to learn about WordPress, please check the official Codex for further info.

WordPress Themes are basically sets of files that offer a certain functionality & design on top of the default WordPress platform. You can think of it as different "Skins" for WordPress, but with boosted functionality as well. You can read more about themes on the official WordPress.org Codex.

Are there any hidden costs?

When you purchase an item from our online shop, you’ll get everything you need to get started. Our items do not and will never include any hidden costs or requirements. However, since we just sell WordPress Themes, you’ll notice that running a website could involve some other costs. You will definitely need a hosting solution to host your website, along with a domain name. We do not require our customers to purchase other framework or custom plugins, but you can do so if you feel you’re better off with some of those.

How do I get started? (Or, I purchased an item – Now What?!)

First, thanks for your purchase!

If you don’t have any hosting yet, you must now get a WordPress compatible hosting plan and a domain name. If you’re looking for a faster, more advanced and managed solution, we recommend on checking out WP Engine and Pressable. Other popular hosting solutions for WordPress sites include DreamHost, SiteGround and BlueHost.

If you need any assistance installing WordPress, make sure to contact your hosting provider or look at the tutorial in the official Codex.

How to install the theme?

Once you have purchased the theme, and ready to upload it to your WordPress site, please go over the following steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.
  3. Click on Choose File and select (ItemName)-Theme.zip.
  4. Click on Install Now.
  5. When your theme is successfully installed, click Activate to activate the newly installed theme.

If you have any issues while installing the theme, please look further into the item’s documentation, and contact us if you still can’t find the answer.

How to import the demo data?

We are selling a website “Template” or “Theme” and not a full website. After the initial theme installation, you will see the none of the demo data is imported by default. You’ll need to run the importer plugin which is bundled within our themes.

You can import the demo content under Appearance > Import Demo Data. Just click “Import Demo Data” and wait until the importer notifies you the import process is successful. Please click the import button only once and wait, it can take a couple of minutes. If you click import multiple times it will duplicate the menu items under Appearance > Menus. However the pages themselves will not be duplicated.

How to update the theme?

Updates are free & simple for as long as you have an active license.  If you have purchased directly from our website, simply login to your WordPress Admin Panel, and navigate to the "Appearance > Themes" section. In there you should see an update button whenever we release an update to the theme.

If you have purchased our theme through Themeforest, MojoMarket or CreativeMarket: You can download the latest version of the theme through your account.

Then when you are ready to update the theme, simply go over the following steps:

1. [Optional] Make sure to update your WordPress version.

2. Delete the theme from the WordPress admin panel or through FTP. (If you made any changes to the actual theme files they could be lost. It is therefore recommended to use a Child Theme.)

3. Install the theme as you would normally install it.

It is recommended to have a full backup before updating the theme. All of your site’s content (pages, posts, custom color settings) should be saved within the database.

I can’t edit my homepage, what should I do?

First, don’t worry as it’s easy to fix! You can easily remove the "Latest News" heading from your front page.

Every WordPress theme out there would display a blog page as the front page by default. This can be easily changed into a “Static Front Page” (meaning, a regular, editable page).

You can change this in the “Settings > Reading” panel. For more info, check the WordPress Codex: https://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

I need some customization work done, can I hire someone?

Sure. We are happy to help you customizing the theme. We highly recommend using Codeable for larger projects. They have some of the world’s best WordPress experts at your disposal.

How do I set up my podcast?

In case you wish to display your podcast online with our theme, you have several great options:

  • Choose any popular Podcasting plugin such as PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting etc. We have created the theme with these two plugins in mind, so both should work really well.
  • Use your own MP3 files hosted on your server or on external servers – You can easily embed any MP3 by linking it directly in the relevant field.
  • Use popular media providers such as SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube etc. – These can also be embedded by pasting the embed code of your file within the relevant field.
Can I translate the theme to another language?

Yes. We included everything needed so you can easily translate the theme into another language. The easiest solution for simply translating to one other language would be to use the Loco Translate plugin.

Each theme comes with a .POT file in the /languages/ folder to use as a starting point for translating into your language. You can translate these offline as well with tools like POedit.

Our themes are compatible with most multilingual plugins as well such as WPML, Polylang, qTranslateX and more!

Do you provide the design PSD files?

Yes. All themes include the PSD files. Some images have to be removed in order to keep the file-size sane, however the original design is included! (Note that sometimes we change elements from the initial design along the process)

Are stock images licenses included in the theme license?

No. (but continue reading)

We may use some licensed stock images from stock photo providers. Unfortunately we cannot provide a license for it since it is non-transferable. The images used in the demo are for example purposes only, and not intended to be used by the end customers. Many of the images we use come from “Unsplash” a royalty free stock photo resource, hence any image from there is free to use without purchasing a license. (Subject to changes, check the official Unsplah License here)

Do you offer support?

Of course. We offer free technical support for our customers via email. Support is free as long as you have an active license.

We only support basic tickets that are related to general WordPress inquiries, simple CSS fixes, bug fixes, and general questions. Our support does not include major customization help such as creating new post types or actively editing parts of your own website.

How many websites can I install a themes on?

You can install the theme on one live website with each purchase, however, if you need to run the theme on different projects, you will have to purchase an additional license.

Local installations or staging environments would still be OK.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. Please visit our Refund Policy page for more info.

Will the theme run on WordPress.com?

No. Unfortunately WordPress.com is a separate service run by Automattic (the team behind WordPress). At this time, they do not allow custom themes to be installed on WordPress.com.

This should not be confused with the free, open-source WordPress.org project, in which custom themes are a core part of the eco-system.

Which kind of license restrictions apply to your products?

Our themes are released under the GPL license. You can read the license within the main theme folder.

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