Hand-Crafted WordPress Podcast Themes

What We Do

Web Development

Need help with web design or programming? Our top notch developers and designers could help setting up any website you may have in mind.

Podcast Themes

We specialize in WordPress Themes for Podcasting. Our WordPress Podcast Themes will help set up your show in no time.

Optimization & SEO

From speed optimization to SEO – We do it all. If you need help tweaking your server or your website, we’d be happy to hear from you.

We Design

Top Quality, Hand-Crafted Podcasting Themes

Coding Principals

  • Smart WordPress Development - We always develop our themes with an eye towards compatibility and functionality of other plugins and core versions.
  • Podcast Perfect - Our themes are created with Podcasting in mind. We do our best to ensure any podcast host or developer can use our themes for any type of project.
  • One Click Import - All our items include a magical One-Click-Import solution so anyone could import our demo styles in the matter of seconds.
  • Awesome Support - Our dedicated support team loves to help our users. You will always get a quick response from us.
  • No Coding Needed - It doesn't matter if you're a WordPress ninja, or don't know a thing about programming, our themes are simple and easy to use.
  • SEO Ready - We keep in mind you take SEO seriously. This is why our themes are SEO ready and compatible with various SEO plugins.
  • Detailed Help Files - To help you kickstart your project, we include a detailed help folder with videos, awesome instructions and more!

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