The Best WordPress Podcast Themes in 2019

Starting a new podcast, or looking to boost the online presence of your existing podcast? Creating a website for your podcast is always a great idea to reach a greater audience and engage with listeners. In this article, we are going to cover the best WordPress Podcast Themes and solutions for podcasters.

One of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) out there is WordPress. It currently runs on more than 33% of the entire World Wide Web! (According to the homepage and to Softwarefindr) WordPress is extremely easy to use both for first-time non-developers and savvy developers at the same time.
If you already have a WordPress site set up, or plan to create one, sit back and read this article, we’re going to cover some of the most popular WordPress podcast themes for podcasters.

WordPress is really intuitive for both beginners or experts at the same time, and powerful page builders such as Elementor could be key difference makers and make your life much easier when creating your first Podcast website.

Why a WordPress Podcast Theme?

Dedicated WordPress templates for podcasts are important. Not because you cannot use a generic theme, but due to the added complexity of some podcasting features you may need. Many independent podcast owners (hobbyists, professionals, and podcast networks as well!) are relying on WordPress to showcase and share their podcast shows through a dedicated podcast website.

While right about any theme out there can be used for podcasting (Thanks to popular plugins such as Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress and Simple Podcast Press), not all themes are really built for that. There are several important features that WordPress Podcast Themes should have in order to make things easier for the end users.


Ideal Design of a WordPress Podcast Theme

First, a clean, simple design can never be underestimated. Design is the first thing your audience sees on your podcast website. Way before they even start listening to your podcast show!

The design should match your own general podcasting genre/vibe in a way – The colors, images, and typography should match the type of your show. (Let’s just say that if you have a show about plants, choosing green as your main highlight color is kind of a good idea, right?). Also you should be able to display multiple episodes in a clean list or grid layout, to allow your audience access the historical podcast episodes and then choose whether they want to play or download those podcast episodes directly inside your podcast website.

An ideal podcasting website should also display perfectly on any tablet and smartphones, since these are both a very common way of consuming content.

Important Features

One of the most important features for a WordPress podcast template would be the Audio Player style and positioning. Many regular themes offer great design, but the tricky part is to place the audio file exactly where you want it.

While it is true that Seriously Simple Podcasting and PowerPress do allow to place the player either at the top or bottom of the post, these options are very limited. Especially if you need to place the player within the slider/hero/header section, or in the blog archive. These plugins also offer some customization options to the audio player, and you can choose from several layouts, but not all support fully custom colors.

Another major feature for any WordPress Podcast Theme would be to support multiple kinds of resources. You can always place a SoundCloud or YouTube embed code anywhere within your article, but having an option to place it in a specific location or even host your own audio files is a huge upgrade.

It’s always great to be able to add subscription icons such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Android, RSS or a newsletter opt-in. Your audience can easily use these subscribe buttons for future episodes and you’ll be able to monetize your podcast better.

Support for a good page builder is essential. All of our themes are compatible with Elementor, and include a bunch of demo content and templates you could use to easily and quickly set up your podcast theme.

The Best WordPress Podcast Themes

Now that we know more about the important requirements for a podcast website, let’s take a look at the best WordPress Podcast Themes below:

1. WordPress Podcast Themes by SecondLineThemes

We take Podcasting very seriously. After previously working on multiple projects in the podcasting eco-system, we were deeply frustrated with the available solutions out there. At one point, we understood we have to create our own solution from scratch since it had to be perfect. That’s why we believe the best WordPress Podcast Themes are made by SecondLineThemes.

The key difference with our themes, is that you’re not limited to one specific provider. You can use any podcast hosting service available out there, or even use multiple ones at the same time. Also, you can host your own files via WordPress or AWS and just link to the MP3 files.

We support all major WordPress podcast plugins, and a variety of general WordPress plugins such as Elementor, Contact Form 7, WPForms and many more.

Lastly, we have created a custom framework. This means there absolutely no hidden costs and you can rest assured that no additional purchase of a framework is needed.

Tusant WordPress Theme

Tusant is the latest WordPress podcasting theme created by SecondLineThemes. It brings a totally different vibe than most of our previous themes. Tusant comes with a dark color scheme and beautiful shades of green for highlighted parts of this podcast theme. The theme offers a beautiful homepage layout, and can support more than one podcast show within the same website. Tusant is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0+ (like all of our other WordPress podcast themes) so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product! This WordPress podcast theme comes with a drag & drop page builder, plenty of demo content you can use, and tons of settings that will help you customize your podcast website. The theme comes with a beautiful dark layout and you can easily import all Elementor templates upon the initial activation of the theme.

Bolden WordPress Theme

Bolden is a WordPress theme for Podcast Networks. In fact, at the time of its release it was the very first premium theme for Podcast Networks available in the world!
We’ve already created amazing WordPress podcast themes prior to Bolden, but Bolden gives you the power to run more than one show through the same website. We specifically created Bolden for Podcast Networks, so that individuals or companies that run more than one website can showcase all of them on the very same website. This theme allows you to create individual show pages, and display podcast shows in multiple layouts across your website. Bolden can also work perfectly for single podcast shows, and it supports the important podcasting features just as well.

Gumbo WordPress Theme

Gumbo brings a beautiful homepage slider and can beautifully showcase embeds and videos. We designed Gumbo as a dark, modern, and clean WordPress podcast theme. Gumbo helps you displaying your podcast episodes of different categories. The easy theme settings can help you customize the theme and look exactly like you need it. Gumbo supports embeds from various sourceslike YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Podbean, Spreaker, MixCloud and the such.

Satchmo WordPress Theme

Satchmo WordPress Theme

Satchmo is the first WordPress podcasting theme we have created. We have put plenty of thoughts on the features and design of Satchmo. Satchmo was created as a minimal, clean theme, with an emphasis on B&W colors. We created Satchmo with Podcasting in mind all through the entire process. You can easily add-in any episode with a player on every part of your site. The single post supports players in the hero section, and obviously right above or below the content.

Dixie WordPress Theme

Dixie followed Satchmo and became one of our most popular themes. It has all the same great features as Satchmo, but with a different style/design. We created Dixie to be a clean, yet ultra modern and colorful WordPress podcast theme. Dixie supports multiple audio players on singular pages, as well as displaying a player on a single page or post.

2. Free Themes on

There are thousands of free themes on You can use any of them for podcasting, and even customize some of them to fit your needs. Some of these themes have premium versions available as well. The main downside with themes that aren’t created as podcasting theme is that they could lack important podcasting features.

3. Premium Themes Marketplaces

Popular theme marketplaces such as Themeforest, MojoMarketplace and CreativeMarket are always an option for decent templates. There are some podcasting oriented themes on all of the above marketplaces. Feel free to check these out and compare to the SecondLineThemes WordPress podcast themes. Many of these themes lack of flexibility in choosing any podcast hosting provider. Also, the majority of those are also created by generic theme shop, not Podcast dedicated ones like SecondLineThemes.

4. Other Premium Theme Shops

Over the years, we’ve seen some competitors, imitators or colleagues rise and fall trying to create WordPress podcast themes. We believe the main reason for our success is the knowledge we have both in the podcasting world and in the WordPress world. There are and were other possibilities available out there. To really find the best WordPress podcast themes – you don’t have to go too far from here!

5. Creating a custom WordPress Podcast Theme

If you’re a WordPress developer, you can start coding a new theme from scratch for your podcasting project. There are many “starter” themes available that are great to use and developed on. Creating a custom theme would work great if you have very specific needs in terms of design or functionality. However, it also involves a lot of work. You’ll need to spend time designing, coding and testing your theme, so it may involve plenty of time & budget .

Conclusion – Best Podcast WordPress themes

You should now be able to choose from all of the above options and make your choice. We recommend that you check our Podcasting Themes shop! We do update our themes regularly and plan on creating additional ones in the future.

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