WPForms Now Compatible With Our Podcast Themes


We are happy to announce all of our Podcast WordPress Themes are now fully compatible with WPForms Lite. We’ve added a thorough WPForms integration, along with customizable color and typography styles to all of our themes. You don’t need to do anything other than updating your theme to the latest version. WPForms is styled according to your current styles set in the WordPress customizer.

As the plugin became more and more popular, many of our podcast theme users asked to add this integration. We’re finally proud to ship the latest version for all of our WordPress podcast themes with the integration.

Why We Integrated Our WordPress Podcast Themes With WPForms

WPForms is an easy-to-use WordPress contact form plugin. It is user friendly and very intuitive for beginners and experienced WordPress users at the same time. WPForms includes a drag & drop form builder, which would allow you to create advanced forms with ease without working with code or formatting.

The plugin includes many pre-built form templates, so you can save valuable time while creating a variety of forms and quickly add them into your podcasting site. WPForms supports multiple 3rd party integrations, such as marketing, subscription or automation tools (e.g. MailChimp, Drip, Zapier, and the likes) and also with various payment tools such as PayPal, Stripe and so on.

There are lots of addons you can install in order to extend WPForms. These addons allow advanced functionality and integrations, and this can always be helpful any podcaster looking to monetize a podcast, create a subscription funnel for the podcast, create polls and surveys, or simply have a more advanced contact form for the podcast’s website.

WPForms Lite is a free plugin available on the official WordPress plugin repository. You can easily create forms with the free plugin, but you would need a paid plan for the more advanced features. Both the WPForms Lite and Pro versions are fully compatible with all WordPress Podcast Themes created by SecondLineThemes.

For a quick overview about the plugin, please watch the video below:

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