The power of using WordPress mobile application

WordPress has made blogging easier with the integration of mobile applications that serve to make the experience as portable and efficient as possible. With the flooding of smartphones in every corner of the globe, creating WordPress mobile application was the best remedy just in case you felt like you needed to carry your desktop everywhere you go to get that wholesome WordPress experience.

When using it, the WordPress mobile application will help you publish your blog posts on the go. All you need is a smartphone which could either be iOS or Android. Installation of the application can be done from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App store for Apple devices. This is not to limit the functionalities that WordPress offers since most of the intricacies that help build that perfect blog post can also be found on the mobile application. Only this time your power to blog is just within your pocket and at you own convenience.

The iOS app allows the user to write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments using smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, or iPod touch. Self-hosted WordPress and are supported so it gets as easy as plug and play. The android app comes with satisfactory features such writing and publishing new posts for your WordPress blog, editing content on your blog, managing comments, and those you are following, built in notifications, photo uploads, and browsing through the WordPress reader that organizes posts you are subscribed to chronologically.

Why you should have the WordPress mobile application

Posting blog posts will be at your fingertips with the WordPress mobile application, making publishing easier and as speedy as you the writer needs it out there. You don’t have to worry about getting to your desktop, to get your blogging started as this can be easily done on your supported handset. You can chose to post from anywhere in the planet.

You can also track your statistics on the stats option on the navigation drawer for an overview of the state of traffic on your site. We will have a glimpse of your audience demographics and the geographical location they view your posts from. This can be monitored from your phone on the go.

If you need to catch up with what other publishers post you can do so effortlessly in the reader tab of the WordPress application. We can also manage those you follow and to help you filter the posts you want on your reader.

Notifications on the mobile application are in real in real-time since they are pushed immediately they hit the server. This is important in in giving expeditious feedback and replies for a robust conversation between you and those you interact with on your blog. This is cohesion brought about by the power of mobile applications.

For a jetpack powered site that is self-hosted, a user can publish their posts and connect with readers from their preferred handset. The sharing tools will be at your convenience and the notifications will be facilitated seamlessly for immediate attention and action.

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