Affiliate Program Terms

Affiliate Registration

We review all affiliate registrations. The review process could take several business days, and you will get a response then.

If you’re approved, you’ll get access to the affiliate dashboard and could start referring customers with your unique referral link and referral ID. Unfortunately, at times we have to reject some applications for reasons that are not always disclosed.

Affiliate Earnings

We pay a 15% affiliate commission for any completed order using your referral link. These payments are made via PayPal so you must own an account there. The payouts are sent monthly, but there’s a minimum amount of USD $100.


Do’s and Don’ts:

While you can promote our site as much as you like, we strongly recommend that you stick to relevant areas online. You can promote SecondLineThemes on blogs, WordPress related sites, Social Media, Your own email newsletter etc.

Spamming is strictly not allowed, as well as publishing links in forbidden sites. (This includes – adult sites, sites that includes illegal content or activity, coupon sites, other affiliate sites, sites that display violence etc. We may add more categories to this list but you should get the idea). Sending repetitive emails to random email addresses is strictly forbidden.


Referral timeline

When clicking your referral link, a cookie is generated and stored in the referred browser. It is stored for 30 days. You’ll only get credit for the referral if the customer uses the same browser to purchase, in under 30 days. (Example – You will not get awarded in case the referral clicked on a mobile device, and later on used his laptop to make the purchase.)


Affiliate commissions are not awarded for a refunded purchase.



By accepting these terms and conditions and signing up to the SecondLineThemes affiliate program, you agree to use our affiliate program according to this guideline. Your registration, payouts, commissions, and referrals are all subject to approval.

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