How to Add Google Fonts in WordPress

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Doing things like adding adding custom fonts to your theme or loading maps, usually requires coding and working with different APIs. But luckily, there are some useful plugins that do all of that dirty work for us! In this article, we’ll see how you can make your pick from 800+ Google Fonts with a few clicks in your WordPress admin panel — no coding required. Let’s take a closer look at the Easy Google Fonts plugin, and how we can use it to pick any front we like from Google’s library for our WordPress theme.

Getting to Know Easy Google Fonts Plugin

The first thing you need to do, is to install and activate the Easy Google Fonts plugin. You can find the plugin settings under Settings->Google Fonts. Once this is done, it’s time to get familiar with what this plugin can do for you, and how you can go about setting your favorite font from Google’s font API.

As we mentioned earlier, Easy Google Fonts is a simple solution for adding fonts in your WordPress theme without any coding or configuration. Moreover, it integrates with the WordPress Customizer, so you can easily preview the fonts in real-time on your website. This is especially helpful when experimenting with different fonts.

This plugin works with any theme out there, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Besides adding fonts, you can create specific font colors for different elements on your page. Once you do setup font colors in the settings page, they are instantly available in the WordPress customizer.

Here’s an overview of the most useful features:

  • Live customizer preview
  • Entire Google fonts library at your disposal
  • Compatibility with every WordPress theme
  • Automatic background updates (Stays up to date with Google’s font library at all times)
  • Font colors
  • Translation ready

To start using this plugin, go into the WordPress customizer and click on Typography. From there you will be able to select a Font Family, weight, decoration, transform, etc. Once you’re satisfied with how your website looks in preview mode, click Save & Publish, and you’re all set! For font colors, check out the plugin’s settings page.

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